HazWx Media Package – What Does it Mean?

At various points on our website, you will see references to a “Media Package“. Due to a number of questions about this feature set, we wanted to take a moment to explain exactly what key features it includes, beyond those associate with all Interactive Maps solutions.

There are a great number of clients who regularly broadcast our information to their followers either by social media or television broadcast. Especially in the area of social media, followers look for trusted logos to know their favorite source of information approves of the data shown! Meteorological information can be perceived a number of ways, but your followers trust you to interpret it correctly and inform them of the proper course of action.

Our media package allows you to take HazWx data and put your respective branding on the images. This first off gives your own unique look to the image and second, lets your followers know that this information was reviewed by you and you deem it as accurate. Followers will respond positively to this and engage in posts and rebroadcast the information themselves.

Members who have purchased a Media Package will have the added option to “Change Logo Image” inside the user control panel. From here, you can simply insert the URL to your image and it will automatically brand the maps!

The media account is good for anyone who wants to share maps regularly! Even if you are just a personal user, but want to put your own unique twist onto the maps, you can! You can change your logo as often as you want, make as many changes, there are no restrictions!

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